Web Stats Motherload: 100 Resources, Case Studies and Tools to Analyze Your Traffic and Improve Conversions

So you’ve managed to achieve a good flow of traffic, but you don’t have the revenue to back it up. What’s going on? It’s time to optimize for conversions and cast a critical eye on more than traffic numbers, but how your visitors behave when on your site. These resources will help you measure, understand, and covert your traffic into revenue-building users.

Conversion Tools

When it comes to online revenue, it’s all about conversions. Turn casual visitors into buyers and subscribers with these conversion tools.

  1. Website Conversion Calculator: Estimate your conversion rate based on visitor and order data with this calculator.
  2. Second Bite: Losing money with all those abandoned shopping carts on your ecommerce site? Turn those into real sales with SecondBite. The service emails or calls shoppers to help them bring their sales to completion.
  3. UserVue: If you’re really serious about improving your conversion rates, you can try a service like UserVue. It will allow you to remotely watch as users go through your site, so you can actively see what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Hitslink: With Hitslink, you can get web based real-time tracking and reporting as well as conversion tracking for PPC campaigns. You can also set up tracking for specific events like promotions and downloads.
  5. Unica NetTracker: Get data for program optimization with NetTracker. You’ll get the information you need to make decisions about campaigns, PPC marketing and more.
  6. Robot Replay: Get Robot Replay to watch a video of where your users go, which allows you to find out where they get bored or give up. Ultimately, this should help you convert visitors to buyers.
  7. DeepMetrix: With this analytics solution, you’ll get campaign tracking, conversion, and lots more.
  8. WebTrends: Use WebTrends to increase engagement and conversion rates through feedback on marketing, content, and usability.
  9. Indextools: This tool is tailor-made for e-businesses, offering intelligence on the level of effectiveness in web campaigns. It’s designed to make marketing easier and improve sales.
  10. Intellitracker: Understand what your customers are doing on your site and what motivates them to do it using Intellitracker’s tool.
  11. imWare: Check out this suite of tools that offers analytics and an understanding of what makes your visitors take action.
  12. iPerceptions: Learn about your visitor’s experience with this tool that seeks out answers to visitor satisfaction questions.
  13. Clickfox: Use Clickfox to take your customer data and turn it into a visual map that reveals customer behavior and motivation.

Stat Trackers

Keep tabs on who is visiting your page, how often they’re visiting, and what’s most popular with these web statistics tools.

  1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a must have for any webmaster or blogger. Clear and concise reports let you know who is visiting your site and from where, letting you use that important information to improve your site.
  2. AWStats: Get your log information in easy-to-read format with this valuable open source tool.
  3. Compete: Find out how your traffic stats stack up to others with this competitive analysis tool.
  4. StatCounter: This free hit counter and Web stats tool will help you keep track of the number of people your site attracts and what you can do to keep them coming back.
  5. AddFreeStats: Keep tabs on your visitors with this tracking tool. Find out how many people visit your website, when they come, and how they found you. You’ll also being able to add your site to the AddFreeStats directory.
  6. OneStat: For a low monthly fee, get detailed and professional grade reports on visitor behavior, search engines, and how well your ads are functioning with the tracking company OneStat.
  7. VisitorVille: Get great features and a fun, game-like interface from this statistics tool.
  8. Clicky: Use Clicky for simple, illustrated, and easy to digest stats.
  9. Ultimate Counter: Put a visual representation of your hits on your website with the Ultimate Counter. The counter provides some basic stats for your page as well.
  10. Smart Tracking: Cut and paste a few lines of HTML on your site and start tracking your visitors with Smart Tracking. Get reports on hits, visitors, what pages are most popular, and more.
  11. Alexa: Alexa is a popular Web tracker that allows users to track their traffic and links. You’ll also be able to examine site visitors using graphs and lists contained in an easy-to-use toolbar.
  12. TrafficEstimate: Get a quick estimate of the traffic your site, or any other site, is getting with this easy-to-use tool.
  13. pMetrics: Get detailed statistics on every visitor to your site and more features than any other stat site at pMetrics.
  14. Urchin: Use Urchin to get reports on where your visitors come from, how they navigate your site, and conversion tracking. This is a great option for sites that can’t use Google Analytics due to firewalls or internal networks.
  15. WebSTAT: Get this cheap, easy tool to track analytics for your business or non-profit.
  16. Enquisite: If you’re focused on search engine and PPC traffic, Enquisite is your tool. It will tell you all about page position, landing pages, geodata, and lots more.
  17. Nielsen Net Ratings: Check out Nielsen to compare your web analytics with other sites in your industry.
  18. Site Meter: One of most popular web stats sites, Site Meter can give you tracking results on the number of visitors, views, and geographic information.
  19. Mint: Mint provides stats that can help you identify what parts of your site visitors are most interested in, plus loads of other features.
  20. FEEDJIT: Get real-time stats on your web traffic, including where your visitors are coming from and what they’re looking for, with FEEDJIT.
  21. Statsaholic: Get “website traffic comparisons on steroids” with this service that allows you to compare traffic for up to three domains at once.
  22. URLTrends: Get weekly or monthly updates on your site’s stats with URLTrends.
  23. Vendor Discovery Tool: Find out what analytics tool your favorite websites are using with this tool.
  24. Opentracker: Opentracker offers services which include reporting of customer behavior and traffic statistics
  25. VisiStat: For real-time tracking with campaign management, keyword analysis, maps, and visitor reports, check out VisiStat.
  26. ClickTracks: Take a look at your campaigns, navigation patterns, and stats on PPC, SEO, and ROI, all in one easy to use tool.
  27. GoStats: Whether you’re looking for a free service or a professional solution, GoStats can provide you with the web statistics you need.

Visitor Behavior Tools

It’s one thing to learn about how visitors get to your site, but it’s another to find out what they’re doing once they get there. Check out these behavior trackers to step up the usability and retention of your site.

  1. Crazy Egg: Supplement your analytics with some cool visuals. Crazy Egg will give you heat maps, lists, and overlays to let you know everything that’s going on with your site.
  2. MoveMetrics: With this map-based analytics tool, you’ll be able to see where visitors go, what they do, how products relate, and a lot more.
  3. Snoop: Get real-time visitor tracking with this tool that streams activity to your desktop.
  4. Omniture SiteCatalyst: Identify profitable paths in your site, where visitors drop off, and how different visitors react to your site with SiteCatalyst.
  5. iWebTrack: Get buying trends, visitor activity, system behavior and more with iWebTrack.
  6. VBIS: With VBIS, you’ll find out how many times visitors come to your site before buying, which customers actually buy, and lots more.
  7. Coremetrics: Get actionable information on effectiveness, marketing, and visitor visualization with Coremetrics.
  8. Deep Log Analyzer: Find out everything from how many visitors fill out your form to where they live with the Deep Log Analyzer.
  9. Clicktale: Get a video representation of what your visitors are doing on your site to better understand their behavior and take action on usability.

Blog Tools

Many of the tools we’ve mentioned so far are geared towards general web use. Check out this collection to get tools that are specially designed to analyze and improve traffic and conversions for your blog.

  1. Conversation Tracker: One way to keep track of the popularity of your blog is to track “conversations” that are formed every time someone links to your blog. This tool from BlogPulse makes it easy. Just enter a URL or search term and get your results.
  2. Trend Search: Keep track of your buzz with this easy-to-use tool. Create graphs that track user interest for keywords, links and phrases on your site.
  3. IceRocket: Get some free blog tracking from Ice Rocket. It’s easy to download and implement, and offers quick results.
  4. Xinu: Check out this tool that integrates with other web 2.0 stats tools so that you can look at everything all at once.
  5. Measure Map: Understand what your blog’s visitors do and see how you’re influencing the world with Measure Map.
  6. FeedBurner: Bring more subscribers into your blog by creating your own feed with FeedBurner. Additionally, you’ll be able to track and use optional advertising.
  7. iBlogStats: Get Web 2.0 stats for your blog’s bookmarks, rankings, backlinks, and a lot more with iBlogStats.
  8. WassUp: Get this WordPress plugin, and you’ll be able to track visitors to your blog in real time.
  9. Blog Patrol: Use this free blog counter to find out who is coming to your site and what is bringing them there.

Articles, Guides and Case Studies

Once you’ve got the stats, read these informative pieces to find out what to do about them.

  1. Ultimate Web Analytics Comparison Resources: We’ve shared a lot of web analytics tools here, and this article by Web Analytics World offers a head to head comparison of a number of them.
  2. 6 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates for More Subscription-based Revenue: For those hoping to make money off of blogs, you’ll need to get a legion of loyal subscribers who’ll visit your site regularly. This article from doshdosh will give you some pointers on the best way to do that, with 6 easy tips.
  3. 5 Keys to Improving Website Conversions: Here you’ll find 5 simple things you can do that will make a big difference in the success of your web venture.
  4. Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior: Understand why behavior tracking is important and how you can use it to your advantage with this article.
  5. How Do I Improve My Website Conversion Rate?: Check out this multi-part guide by Steve Jackson on improving conversion rates to help your website make a bigger impression on visitors.
  6. Learn to Monitor Your Stats: Get a rundown of the basics of web analytics in this article.
  7. The Secret Statistics in Split RSS Feeds: Learn how to look at Google Reader numbers by using the advice in this article.
  8. Web Analytics: Understanding Visitor Behavior: Learn how to go beyond the hit counter with new tools that track the way your visitors behave.
  9. Summary Web Analytics Tutorial: Read this to get a detailed tutorial on web analytics.
  10. eMetrics: Rachel Scotto of Sony Pictures: Find out how Sony Pictures tracks the success of their sites in this case study.
  11. Hacking Your WordPress.com Stats: Learn how to take your included WordPress stats tool from limited to highly informative.
  12. Understanding Google’s Conversion-Tracking Mechanism: This guide from O’Reilly can help demystify Google’s conversion tracking tools.
  13. Seven Web Analytics Sins: In this white paper, you’ll learn how to identify search terms that convert, discover pages that influence conversion, and how to avoid the seven deadly sins of web analytics.
  14. Are You Into Internal Site Search Analysis? You Should Be: Learn why it’s important to find out what visitors are searching for once they get inside your site.
  15. Mint and iPhone: Two great tastes that taste great together: Check out this guide from TUAW that runs down how to use the Mint tracking tool on the iPhone.
  16. Negotating a Web Analytics Vendor Contract? Check SLAs: Learn why it’s vital to pay attention to Service Level Agreements when negotiating a web analytics vendor contract.
  17. 5 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Increase Traffic to Your Website: Check out these techniques for analysis that work not just for Google Analytics, but most analytics packages out there.
  18. Blog Conversion: How Do You Get Users to Subscribe?: This article is in response to a reader question about increasing subscriptions. It gives some great advice on how to modify your website.
  19. Understand Visitor Behavioral Pattersn to Maximize Sales: This article describes how you can capitalize on visitor behavior stats.
  20. The Travails of Tracking Web Traffic: This article from BusinessWeek details the difficulties in getting accurate counts on web traffic so that blog and website owners get paid accordingly from advertisers.
  21. Turning Browsers Into Buyers: Take a look at this article from Inc Magazine to get some useful guidance from leading webmasters who made subtle changes to their sites and saw big payoffs.
  22. Kick Butt With Internal Site Search Analytics: Learn how to make the most out of this powerful customer intent tool with this article.
  23. Why Track Your Visitor’s Behavior: This article explains the why and how of visitor behavior tracking.


For ongoing advice and commentary on web stats, conversions, and user behavior, check out these blogs.

  1. The Conversion Chronicles: This blog can give you guidance, case studies, resources and tools to help your site be more profitable.
  2. The Conversion Doctor Blog: Get some Website advice from Eric Graham on how to improve your conversions, usability, and marketing success.
  3. Website Conversion Expert Blog: Blogger Dan Lok discusses how to improve conversions and web marketing on this site, as well as other issues like copywriting.
  4. Conversion Rater: This blog is full of ideas and tips on how to improve your conversion rate and turn idle browsers into customers or subscribers.
  5. LunaMetrics: Learn how to increase your conversion rate with advice and articles from LunaMetrics, a company that specializes in using web analytics to help companies make more sales.
  6. Web Analytics World: Manoj Jasra’s blog covers everything on analytic tools, blog promotion, SEO and more.
  7. Web Analytics .be: Get guidance, news, and insight on web analytics with this Belgian interactive agency’s blog.
  8. Web Metrics Guru: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about web traffic, online marketing and social media with this blog.
  9. Web Analytics Guide: Web analytics beginners will get a leg up on learning with this blog. It includes an informative intro to Google Analytics.
  10. Occam’s Razor: Independent consultant Avinash Kaushik blogs about web analytics from his own personal experience and expertise.
  11. Web Analysis, Behavioral Targeting and Advertising: Learn about targeted analysis on this blog.
  12. Unofficial Google Analytics Blog: Get all the information you need on Google Analytics on this blog from ROI Revolution.
  13. Visual Revenue: Check out this blog to find out how you can increase your site’s revenue through analytics.
  14. Instant Cognition: Read articles on WebSideStory, Statcounter, FeedBurner, Google Analytics and other web analysis tools on this blog to help you make sense of your stats.
  15. Tracking Techniques: Blogger Chris Furlong discusses everything related to web analytics.
  16. Web Analytics Demystified: Based around the successful book of the same name, these three bloggers give advice on how to make analyzing your site easier and more productive.


These associations, forums, and other discussion platforms will help you connect with others who are knowledgeable about web analytics.

  1. Web Analytics: An Hour a Day: Read this book from analytics expert Avinash Kaushik for insight on data collection and understanding visitors.
  2. The Web Analytics Discussion Forum: Converse with web analytics experts on this forum to find out more about the field and how you can use it better.
  3. Web Analytics Association: This professional association for web analytics developers and entrepreneurs provides standards, advocacy, and a lot more.


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