Premium Content Toolbox: 100+ Guides, Tips and Resources to Make Money Off Of Paid Memberships

Offering paid content is an excellent way to monetize your website. Whether you’re creating premium blog content or writing e-books, there are loads of resources out there designed to help. We’ve compiled over 100 of the best here.

Why Premium Content?

Check out these resources that define exactly why you should consider creating a paid membership portion of your site.

  1. Building Paid Membership Sites for Money: Dosh Dosh explains why paid membership sites are a profitable business model in this article.
  2. 6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Membership Website: Learn how membership sites work and what they can do for you in this article.
  3. Why Having a Paid Membership Web Site is Important: Learn why paid memberships are the way to go in this article.


Find out how to create a premium content site with these resources.

  1. The 5 Ways of Making Money from Online Content: Learn how you can profit from online content in this article.
  2. How To Launch a Successful New Membership Site: Use these successful methods to create a profitable membership site.
  3. Starting a Paid Membership Site: The Affiliate Blog has some helpful tips for starting your own paid membership site.
  4. Membership Website Handbook: This resource is loaded with ideas and strategies for membership websites.
  5. The 12 Most Important Things to Consider When Starting an Online Magazine or Membership Website: Build your paid membership site well from the very beginning, and you’ll reap the rewards later on.
  6. Using Job Boards to Monetize Your Website: Read this article from Dosh Dosh to consider using paid memberships for a job board.
  7. Membership Website Publishing: Find out how successful membership website publishers do it in this report.
  8. Teaching Sells Report: Download this report to learn how to build a paid membership website.

Content Tools

The first step in premium content is creating it. Use these tools and resources for content generation.

  1. Google Groups: Search through Google Groups discussions in your topics to see what issues people are interested in hearing about.
  2. Trade Shows or Industry Conferences Are a Great Source of Content: Read this article to find out how to generate content from these offline sources.
  3. Craigslist: Check out the jobs, services, and discussion sections to see what average joes are looking for in your area and beyond.
  4. A Simple Four Step Strategy for Developing Content That Connects: Learn how to engage your audience in your paid membership content so they’ll keep coming back.
  5. No Cost Copywriting Lesson From a Wildly Successful Membership Website Publisher: Read this article to brush up on your copywriting skills for better sales and subscriptions.
  6. Confessions of a Highly Successful Website Copywriter: Learn how to write sales letters that convert to sales with this course.
  7. Seven Rules About Writing for a Membership Website: Learn how to write for your membership website by reading this article.
  8. Where Can I Find Good Content For My Website?: Learn how you can provide good content for your readers in this article.
  9. Technorati: Get ideas for posts through current topics in blogs. Especially useful is their “hot tags this hour” feature.
  10. SiteLife: Give your members the opportunity to interact with each other using SiteLife, and enjoy increased page views and loyal users.
  11. StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon’s Buzz page offers lots of great ideas, particularly if you’re focused on humor.
  12. Wikipedia: Wikipedia is great for research, but you can check out the discussions in selected topics for inspiration as well.
  13. Fark: Check out Fark for insipiration from stories you won’t find on more mainstream news sites.
  14. Investigating Your Website Niche by Researching Online for Similar Topics: Learn how to research your niche online and generate content with this article.
  15. MyNews: Gather news from a variety of sources and use the MyNews platform to deliver this content to your members.
  16.’ tag pages are full of links to pages that people have bookmarked, which can lead you in the right direction to finding interesting things to write about.
  17. BlogBurst: Using BlogBurst, you can update syndicated content for members.
  18. Yahoo! Answers: Find out what mainstream Internet users want to learn about by checking out their questions.
  19. Overture: Search potential topics on Overture’s keyword tool to see how interested people are in reading about them.

Distribution Tools

Use these tools to serve your content to members.

  1. Msgme: By using Msgme’s premium content tool, you can make your media available to mobile phone users.
  2. iSubscribe: Use iSubscribe’s service to automate your membership and subscription process.
  3. Swarmcast: Swarmcast makes it easy to deliver high-quality video to subscribers.
  4. PostNuke: This open source content management system makes it easy to assign users to groups.
  5. Limelight Networks: Use Limelight Networks to deliver broadband video to members.
  6. Digital Fountain: Digital Fountain’s solutions offer quick delivery of your content.
  7. Macrovision: With Macrovision, you can control, license, sell and distribute your content.
  8. ExtendMedia: ExtendMedia’s platform offers lots of flexibility and customization for distributors.


When it comes to paid sites, it’s all about the money. Get your finances organized and add even more monetization to your site with these tools.

  1. PaymentOne: Use PaymentOne to make it easier and more profitable for customers to sign up for your service.
  2. Adding Checks to Your Payment Options Can Increase Membership: Learn why expanding payment options can earn you more money in this article.
  3. Kiptronic: You can add even more monetization to your content by managing inserted ads with Kiptronic.
  4. Add eBay Auctions to Your Membership Site: Use eBay auctions to make extra sales on your site.
  5. NetBilling: NetBilling has an easy to use payment system for membership site owners.
  6. Google AdSense and Membership Websites: Check out this video to learn how to make more money from your membership site using Google’s AdSense.


Learn how to sell your premium content with these resources.

  1. The Blogger’s Guide to Indirect Selling: Read this guide to learn how to push your subscriptions without seeming pushy.
  2. How to Create Ebooks That Sell: Make sure that what you’re writing will be profitable by following this guide.
  3. 10 Steps to a Viral Tutorial That Sells: Learn how to write a tutorial that sells your content.
  4. How to Take Your Customer’s Money: Learn how to create a site that sells by reading this article.
  5. You Only Have 10 Seconds to Make a Good First Impression: This article will teach you how to make a good impression with your site in a hurry.
  6. 3 Coercive Copywriting Techniques: Use these techniques to convince readers to buy your subscriptions.
  7. Don’t Sell…Teach: Build relationships with readers to sell your memberships.
  8. How to Get Past the “Don’t Buy” Button: Eliminate obstacles to membership purchases using this advice.
  9. The Structure of Persuasive Copy: Follow this structure when writing copy to sell your memberships.
  10. Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques: With these techniques, you can sell your memberships through writing.
  11. Available for a Limited Time Only: Learn why scarcity sells in this article from Copyblogger.
  12. You Must Respect My Authority: Convey a sense of authority, and you’ll sell more memberships.


Keep your paid membership site going strong by keeping renewals up. These resources can help.

  1. When Customers are Members: Customer Retention in Paid Membership Contexts: Keep your customers from lapsing by reading this article.
  2. 16 Ways to Sabotage Your Subscription Website and Stifle Member Renewals: Read this article for a lesson in what not to do if you want your paid membership site to continue to thrive.

Alternative Content

It can be difficult to keep loads of original content flowing. Use these resources to generate alternative content for your site.

  1. Tips for Increasing Subscription Website Discussion Forum Participation: Get your users to come back over and over again by fostering active forums. Find tips on how to do exactly that in this article.
  2. Here’s Ten New PLR Products to Make You Money: Get your hands on lots of content that you can offer to members through this resource.
  3. BlogRush: Use BlogRush to feed loads of blog posts to your paid members.
  4. PLR Pro: Get loads of quality articles, graphics, and more from this resource.
  5. Supplement Your Content With Book Reviews: Add book reviews to your content for additional income and more information for subscibers.
  6. Orwell Pro Content Management Software: Use Orwell to grab content from sites and update it on your site.

User Friendliness

If your site’s frustrating, you can guarantee that no one will buy a membership. Use these resources to make it easy to navigate and use.

  1. How to Format Attractive, Easy-to-Read, Printer-Friendly Pages: Make your content easy to read and print by following this article’s advice.
  2. Readability Rules for Subscription Websites: Learn how to keep your content easy to read with this article.
  3. The Best Page Layout and Design for Content Websites: Learn what designs and layouts work for paid content websites in this article.
  4. Optimizing the User Experience: Excerpts from a Government Report: Read this article to find out how to make your site a better experience for your members.


These platforms offer all-in-one solutions for delivering paid membership websites.

  1. PortalApp Enterprise: You can use this application to create lots of different subscription levels.
  2. Joomla!: Joomla! is an open source content management system that can be used for paid membership sites.
  3. phpFarber: This website builder and content management system has an easy editor and a full solution for paid memberships.
  4. SubHub: SubHub offers solutions for paid content businesses.
  5. EasyMemberPro: This software creates attractive membership websites.
  6. Semiologic Pro: Use Semiologic Pro to create a paid membership site with your WordPress blog.
  7. Wow Web Technologies: Use Wow Web Technologies to create a community, deliver content, and more.
  8. VisionGate Portal: VisionGate offers a complete solution for a membership subscription site.
  9. MemberGate: Use MemberGate to build, maintain, and profit from your membership website.
  10. WildApricot: WildApricot’s membership database software offers everything you’ll need: event registration, payments, and more.
  11. aMember: This PHP script has integrated payment systems and full management of membership and subscriptions.


Attract subscribers with authority, traffic, and more by using these resources.

  1. How to Get 6,312 Subscribers to Your Business Blog in One Day: Read this article to learn how you can get a massive influx of subscribers.
  2. SEO for Paid Membership Sites: This article offers advice on how to write your site for search engine optimization and easy user identification.
  3. 10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subsribers: Learn why valuing subscribers is essential to attracting them.
  4. The Expert’s Guide to Becoming a Recognized Expert: Learn how to become an authority in your field with this guide.
  5. The Return of Tutorial Marketing?: Learn why offering tutorials as a subscription can help you market yourself.
  6. How to Overcome Skepticism: This article details how you can make buyers trust you.
  7. The Two Types of Tutorial Marketing: Learn the difference between attraction tutorials and selling tutorials here.
  8. Do Neatness and Order Add to the Credibility of Membership Websites?: Find out if your authority can grow by creating a neater, more ordered website.
  9. Questions-Gettng Free Publicity For Products: Read this article to find out how one paid membership site owner gets free publicity.
  10. How Co-Registration Can Build Your Fan Club Fast: Get your members to recruit for you using this technique.
  11. How to Ethically Increase Traffic to Your Site With Additional Domain Names: Increase traffic to your paid membership site using this tactic.
  12. Using Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Specialist Information Website: Read this article to learn how you can use social media to get more membership subscribers.
  13. Four Simple Steps to More Blog Subscribers: Take these steps to attract more blog subscribers.


Check out these blogs for ongoing ideas and support for paid membership sites.

  1. Copyblogger: Copyblogger offers lots of advice on writing for the web.
  2. paidContent: On paidContent, you’ll find the latest news about the industry of paid content.
  3. DoshDosh: Visit Dosh Dosh for news about making money online, including paid memberships and content generation.
  4. Problogger: Problogger’s Darren Rowse offers lots of information about monetizing your online content.
  5. SEOmoz: For all things web marketing, read SEOmoz.

More Resources

These resources offer even more insight for premium content websites.

  1. Membership Website Interviews and Case Studies: Check out this collection of resources that detail the experiences of paid membership site owners.
  2. Seniors Lead Online Growth and Create Opportunities for Premium Information Sites: Read this article to find out what you can offer to the growing senior demographic.
  3. 47 Simple Ways to Build Trust in Your Website or Blog: Build trust with your subscribers using these tips.
  4. Stop Thief! How You Can Fight Back Against Online Plagiarism: Get back at content thieves who undermine your sales using these tactics.
  5. The Death of Paid Content Has Been Exaggerated!: Learn why paid content isn’t quite over.
  6. What is Your Membership Website Passion: to Lead or to be Led?: Define what your site’s passion is all about with this article.
  7. Start a Paid Membership Site: Learn how to build an exclusive club using this book.


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