50 Things a Geek Should Know

In days of yore, it was easy to spot a geek. We were the ones inside on a sunny day indulging our unfashionable blog obsessions to the detriment of our social standing. Now, thanks to the arrival of “geek chic”, what would once result in ridicule is now considered “really cool”.

So, to separate the programmers from the poseurs, and the haxxors from the hipsters, here follows a list of things every geek should know…

50 Things a Geek Should Know

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  1. Robtech65 says

    And exactly when did knowing the names of the three main NERV pilots from Neon Genesis Evangelion become a prerequisite for becoming a geek? There are items on this list that are trivial, stereotypical, irrelevant and downright patronizing. A REAL old school geek looks at this list and laughs.

  2. Huh says

    I could swear he said this infographic was going to separate hipsters from whatever he said, but all I saw was ‘how to be a virgin hispter”.

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