100+ Tools & Tutorials to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing isn’t an easy communication method to master. You have to worry about spam, strategic timing, and finding the perfect pitch to resonate with readers. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of advice and tools specifically designed for email marketers, and we’ve compiled some of the best here. From design to deliverability, these resources have got you covered.

Email Marketing Packages

These packages offer an all-in-one solution for email marketing needs.

  1. Mail Chimp: Send simple, professional HTML emails will full tracking and other great tools using Mail Chimp.
  2. Campaigner: Launch a permission-based marketing email campaign using Campaigner, and you’ll get access to a great dashboard, free seminars, and more.
  3. iContact: Create and manage email letters, blogs, feeds, autoresponders and more with iContact.
  4. Blue Sky Factory: Blue Sky Factory manages email campaigns from design and copywriting to delivery and analytics.


Identify problems and stay on top of the way your design renders with these tools.

  1. Inbox Inspector: Use this tool from Mail Chimp to seek out problems in any email you’ve sent.
  2. EmailAdvisor: Get a snapshot of what your email looks like in a number of different email clients.
  3. Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008: This independent metrics report covers heatmaps, deliverability, and more.
  4. Campaign Monitor: With this service, you can test your email against different displays and spam filters.
  5. EmailStatCenter: Check out the metrics at EmailStatCenter to get the lowdown on frequency, conversions, and more.
  6. eDesign Optimizer: Test our your email in different programs and validate your HTML with eDesign Optimizer.
  7. Post Campaign Checklist: Reflect on your email campaign and learn for next time using this checklist.
  8. Internet Retailer Survey: A Missed Message: Find out why email marketing these days isn’t hitting home and what you can do to improve it.
  9. How to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns Through Testing: This tutorial walks you through testing for optimization.
  10. Habeas: Habeas uses a rendering tool to make sure your email design holds up against services and readers.
  11. Litmus: With Litmus, you can take a look at how your email will look in a number of different mail services.
  12. Return Path: Test your design with services and readers using Return Path.

Analytics & Evaluation

With these resources, you’ll learn how to perfect your methods for measuring email marketing success.

  1. Email Open Rates Guide: Learn how to evaluate your email open rates with this guide.
  2. Integrating Email Marketing and Web Analytics: Take a look at what can be achieved when you combine website metrics with email campaigns.
  3. Misinterpreting Email Marketing Statistics: Don’t let your statistics fool you-get set straight with this article.
  4. Email Marketing: What to Measure: This tutorial runs down some of the numbers you should be looking into.
  5. Email Chickens and Eggs: Heed this warning to be careful about comparing subscribers and non-subscribers.
  6. Looking Beyond Open Rates: Look past just open rates to measure your success, and find out what else you should be concerned with in this article.
  7. Grow Your Own Case Study: This tutorial runs down methods for creating your own benchmarks, testing, and more.
  8. Ideas for Measuring Email Newsletter Success: Check out this post for great ideas on measuring reach and open rates.
  9. Email Marketing Formulas: Take a look at the indicators for email success and learn how to calculate them with this guide.
  10. Beyond the Open Rate: Metrics That Matter: Make sure you’re covering these key metrics.

Deliverability & Reputation

Use these services to stay on top of the various reasons why your emails aren’t going through.

  1. Accucast Deliverability Services: Predict and correct problems with design, filtering, and blocking with this service.
  2. Blacklisted IP: Stay on top of your IP addresses and find out when your IP lands on a blacklist or blocklist.
  3. MX Toolbox Blacklist Check: Use this check to test your mail server IP address against 147 email blacklists.
  4. Your E-Mail Is Blacklisted. Now What?: This tutorial runs down the steps you should take to get off of blacklists.
  5. Between “Bounced” and “Delivered”: Learn why you should expand the definition of your delivery rates in this article.
  6. How to Deliver Mail to AOL: Take these steps to make sure your email to AOL customers goes through.
  7. RepCheck: This email blacklist monitoring service stays on top of the reputation of your email server and site domain.
  8. Blacklist.ie: This search offers an easy way to check if your IP address is on any Irish blacklists.
  9. Designing B2B Email for Deliverability: Get tips on coding, design, and testing in this article.
  10. Delivery Monitor: Find out if your email is getting delivered, and keep an eye on blacklists with Delivery Monitor.


Check out these tools and best practices to optimize the design of your email campaigns.

  1. Image Links Versus Text Links: Consider whether you should use text, image, or HTML links.
  2. Great Tips on Email Creative: Learn about best practices in email design, including results from eye tracking studies, in this blog post.
  3. Email Design Insights From David Grenier: Get tips, mistakes, and easy ways to amp up your design in this interview.
  4. Sometimes Less Can Be More Effective: This article takes a look at design guidelines and simplification.
  5. Outlook 2007 and HTML Design: Get the lowdown on HTML emails in the new Outlook from this blog post.
  6. But How Will It Look On My BlackBerry?: Learn how to design for handhelds with this article.
  7. Seven Steps to a Better Template: Use these tips to redesign your template and avoid getting blocked, blacklisted, and bounced.
  8. Designing Text Emails: Follow these basic rules to make sure your text emails display properly.
  9. Email Creative Critical Analysis: Learn how to critically analyze email design with this advice.
  10. Who Cares About Plain Text?: Read this article to find out why it’s important not to skimp on a plain text version of your email.
  11. URL Design: Take a look at the details of your URLs to get better email responses.
  12. Don’t Design-or Redesign-Your Email Without Reading This: This guide offers a quick and effective checklist for email campaign design.


Avoid being branded as a spammer and learn how to work with spam filters with these resources.

  1. Don’t Be An Accidental Spammer: Read this guide to learn what steps you should take to avoid becoming an accidental spammer.
  2. How Spam Filters Work (and how to avoid them): Learn how to get around spam filters with this guide.
  3. Avoid the Spam Filter: Follow these tips to make sure your legitimate email isn’t stopped by a spam filter.
  4. Consumer Attitudes to Spam: Read this report to find out what people think of spam and understand how it affects their perception of your messages.
  5. Prevent False Spam Complaints: Follow these tips for avoiding false spam complaints.
  6. ContentChecker: This anti-spam utility alerts you to spam red flags before you send your message.

Mailing Lists

Get advice for building and perfecting your communication base here.

  1. Mailing Lists: Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better: Read this blog post to consider the benefits of pruning your email list.
  2. Dos and Don’ts of Opt-in List Building: Read this article to learn about 5 things you should do and 5 things you should avoid.
  3. 28 Ways to Build Permission-Based Email Lists: Use these strategies to boost up your email lists.
  4. To Double Opt-In Or Not: Consider the advantages and disadvantages of offering double opt-in on your lists.
  5. 9 Things to Go in a List Welcome Message: Take a look at this article to understand what needs to be in your list welcome message.
  6. Email or Name Squeeze Pages-Conversion Rate Analysis: Find out whether or not a “name squeeze” strategy works for email list building.
  7. Customer Email List Segmentation: In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send campaigns to targeted subgroups of your email list.
  8. Building a Quality Email List: Follow these steps to build your own high-quality email list.

Subject Line

Learn how to create a subject line readers will pay attention to, and thoughfully consider the impact this important piece of communication has on your campaign.

  1. Subject Lines: What’s The Story?: In this article, you’ll get an introduction to subject lines and understand the reactions they create.
  2. Study: Best and Worst Subject Lines by Open Rate: This study compares over 40 million email subject lines and ranks 20 of the best and 20 of the worst.
  3. Is There a Best Email Subject Line or Send Time?: This article recommends lots of testing to get subjects and timing right.
  4. How Do You Build Urgency?: In this article, you’ll learn how to build urgency through your email’s subject line.
  5. Email Subject Lines: 15 Rules to Write Them Right: For advice on the best fifty characters for your campaign, check out this resource.
  6. Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines: Learn about three words to avoid in your subject line, and more great tips in this advice article.
  7. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Subject Lines For Your Emails: Get a checklist and tips for writing a good subject line in this report.
  8. How Spammy Subject Lines Hurt Delivery: This article considers the consequences of a spammy subject line.
  9. Email Subject Lines That Work: This article runs down a number of factors and considers whether they scream spam or not.
  10. Targeted Email Marketing: Put a Colon in Your Subject: Use this strategy to put the most important keywords in the front of your subject line.
  11. 7 Tips for Writing Better Email Subject Lines: Improve your subject lines with this helpful resource.

Timing & Frequency

Find the sweet spot for timing your emails with the advice and tools here.

  1. Frequency Caps Are Critical: Avoid customer email fatigue by limiting the amount of emails they receive from different sectors of your organization.
  2. Nearly 1/3 of Opens Occur in First Hour: Learn all about best practices in timing with this guide.
  3. How Much Email is Too Much?: Go beyond simple timing and consider the frequency of your emails with this resource.
  4. ListMailPRO: Managed timed emails and responses with this list management tool.
  5. Individual Recipient Send Timing: Take a look at the advantage of sending messages on individual timers in this post.
  6. Wondering Which Day to Send Your Emails On?: This article discusses a few thoughts on the subject of timing.
  7. The Quick and the Dead: Learn why it’s important to avoid delaying emails after a subscriber’s initial signup.
  8. Three Strategies to Find the Right Frequency: Read this article to get guidance on building a good frequency strategy.
  9. Insights on the Worst-Day-to-Send: Find out what one email marketer learned by sending out an email on New Year’s Day.
  10. The Right Time to Send Email Marketing: This article highlights the factors you should look for in timing your messages.


Get advice for increasing the effectiveness of your email campaign here.

  1. Improving Your Email Open Rate: Make your email campaign more effective by using these tips and tricks for getting people to open your email.
  2. Use Email to Close the Conversion Loop: Learn how to use email as a way to seal the deal with potential customers.
  3. Five Ways to Use Email to Close the Sale: Use this article for a step-by-step guide to closing the sale with email marketing.
  4. Increase Email Conversion Rates: Follow these 3 tips to get better conversion rates from your email campaigns.
  5. Sending Surveys in HTML Emails: This tutorial covers the best way to get customers active and engaged in email surveys.
  6. Net-a-Porter Ups Conversion Rate After Cutting Email Activity: Read this article to understand why sometimes less is more when it comes to getting conversions.
  7. A/B Split Testing: In this article, you’ll learn how to use A/B split testing to increase conversion rates.

Tips & Advice

Get marketing advice and learn what not to do with the advice from these resources.

  1. Email Marketing Etiquette: Avoid making an email marketing faux pas with this advice.
  2. 50 Email Marketing Tips: These tips apply to a wide variety of email marketers.
  3. Stupid HTML Email Mistakes: In this post, you’ll learn about important things to avoid when designing HTML emails.
  4. Some Things to Think About Before You Launch Your Next Email Campaign: Avoid brand speak and get down to person-to-person communication with this advice.
  5. The Eight Deadly Sins of Email Marketing: Take a look at email mistakes and learn what not to do.
  6. Effective Use of Personalization in Email Marketing: Use these techniques to use personalization effectively.
  7. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Trick of the Day: Find out how you can get around the 255-character limit with this trick.

Information Sources

Refer to these resources to find even more ongoing advice for optimizing email campaigns.

  1. The Email Experience Council: Subscriber to this site have immediate access to the latest thinking, best practices and strategies in email and digital marketing.
  2. Online Marketing Search Engine: This search engine serves up hand-picked and trusted sources for email marketing.
  3. Email Marketing Roundtable: This invite-only discussion group talks about what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Email Marketer’s Club: Share ideas and experiences with other email marketers in this group.


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