100+ Places to Post and Share Your Photos Online

Personalizing your own Web space to show the world snapshots of your lifestyle has become ever more popular thanks to digital cameras and the increasing number of social networking sites, online photo albums and blogs. Stuffing a dusty photo album with the pictures from your last vacation or family blowout will no longer do. Your adventures deserve a broader audience than the lucky few who drop by your house, and the Internet is the perfect place to showcase your life. Read below for our list of over 100 places to post and share your photos online. Most Popular The following sites feature some of the most sought after photo sharing programs online.

  1. MyPhotoAlbum.com: This website offers users features that will help you create "online photo albums as unique as you are." Once you’ve uploaded your photos, turn them into cards, e-mails invitations and more.
  2. Snapfish: Store and share your photos online for free when you use Snapfish, a company that also lets you create novelty items like mugs and other gifts.
  3. Kodak Gallery: Invite friends and family to browse through your uploaded photos on this site, leaving comments and listening to an audio slideshow as they click through your albums.
  4. Picasa: Google sponsors this Web-based photo album program, which allows users to post and share their own photos as well as "view and save…friends’ photos."
  5. Photobucket: This popular site features free photo and video sharing and image hosting.
  6. Shutterfly: This free online photo sharing system lets you, as well as friends and family, order prints and create calendars from the photos you upload.
  7. AlbumPost: The motto for this purist site is "No ads. Just your pictures." Sign up for a 10-day free trial.
  8. PhotoBox: Keep your albums private, or allow them to be seen by public viewers. PhotoBox also lets users create posters and calendars from their photos.
  9. PixyShare: Check out this basic online photo album to share pictures with family and friends.
  10. Fotopic: Receive your own Web address when you create a photo album with Fotopic.
  11. Album Town: Album Town features free online photo sharing and allows users to create an unlimited number of albums.
  12. PixMatrix: This "free photo album software "helps users design personalized photo albums to share and store digital images online."
  13. Hello: Say hello with a photograph. With this program, "you get to see your photographs together with your friends online" without having to bother with attachments or slow loading times.
  14. Webshots: This immensely popular site sponsors "photo sharing, free wallpaper and free screensavers." Sign up for free to start sharing your images with family and friends.

Networking Sites These sites feature add-ons and accessories for photo hosting sites like Facebook and support their own networking communities for photo lovers.

  1. Fotop: Create an online photo blog using the features provided by fotop. Members also connect with other photographers to form a "fast growing online photo sharing community."
  2. Photo Chart: Vote on other users’ photos and albums or create your own network to share images and connect with photographers around the world.
  3. BytePhoto: Become a member of the BytePhoto community to set up a free online photo album, submit images for regular contests and get feedback from other photographers about your work.
  4. Rock You: Rock You works in conjunction with popular networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to create custom designed photo slideshows of your uploaded digital images.
  5. Ovao: Join this network to post your photos and videos online for everyone to see.
  6. Amiglia: This family tree-plus-photo album site connects families through its networking and photo sharing capabilities.
  7. Mashable: Submit your photos to the social networking news site Mashable, and see if they end up in the top ranked, most viewed, or most discussed categories.
  8. Zooomr: Zooomr is "universally the best way to share, search, store, sort and sell your photos online." Members from all over connect to form an international photography community.
  9. ImageShack: Create an account with ImageShack to create an album or manage photos on Facebook.
  10. Tabblo: This community-based photo sharing and management site offers "rich content-creation tools for both online and print." Set up an online album, or design personalized products inspired by your favorite images.
  11. Twango: Twango is a "free and fun place to share your photos, videos and audio." Join the other members to discuss and rate submissions, leave comments and more.
  12. Photo.net: Photo.net is a website devoted to all things photography. Post your photos to find out what others think of your artistic style, or have fun rating other members’ images.

Privacy Features If you want top-notch security protection when you post your photos on the Web, try using one of these programs to keep your images private.

  1. SmugMug: Post your photos onto this site, and you’ll be looking at your life in a whole new light. High quality images and a promise for "safe and secure" membership make SmugMug a top site.
  2. RitzPix: Only you get to decide which people can view the photos you upload on RitzPix.
  3. PhotoZig: PhotoZig allows you to easily access and control your digital images online with photo albums, slideshow software and other helpful tools.
  4. KoffeePhoto: Try out this free photo sharing program that comes with an ultra secure backup system to keep your pictures safe.
  5. Pickle: This fun site comes with strict privacy settings that let users control who they want to view their photos and videos.
  6. PixVillage: Known as "the Kazaa of photography," PixVillage is an online photo sharing system that provides secure privacy features to its members.
  7. PhotoApe: Sign up with PhotoApe to receive your own URL and start sharing photos with family and friends via a secure login system.
  8. Thumbnail Cafe: Thumbnail Cafe offers "a smarter way to organize and share your photos." Start a free trial subscription to try out the excellent security features.
  9. KeepandShare: This Web-based file sharing community also supports private photo sharing capabilities within private group websites.
  10. Photagious: This inexpensive photo sharing software program has a backup system, member privacy features and beautiful Flash slideshows.
  11. EnjoyMyMedia: This system is a "safe, simple" option for the "free sharing of personal media," including photos.
  12. Crypto Heaven: Crypto Heaven supports secure e-mail, chat services, online storage and file sharing systems for your most private documents and photos.

Community and Forums Meet up with other members to discuss photography and your favorite images on the forums and message boards on these websites.

  1. Picturetrail: Picturetrail is "photo sharing made easy." Design a flipbook to share with friends and the online Picturetrail community.
  2. Magix Online Album: This interactive online photo album offers "high quality Flash designs, breathtaking transitions, mixed albums, [an] audio player with an equalizer and other great features."
  3. Pixagogo: Share your photos by directly linking to individual images, posting your album’s URL, displaying a slideshow or creating and sending e-cards.
  4. AJAX ASP Photo Gallery: This system "is a powerful, easy to install and customize ASP/ASP.NET based photo album software, created for those people who want to have their pictures up and running in 5 minutes, without databases or configuration hassles."
  5. MSN Spaces: Join the Windows community by registering on MSN Spaces. Create your own photo album to share pictures with your new friends.
  6. Phanfare: Upload and manage videos and photo slideshows that you can share with friends and family. Phanfare’s forum connects members for program updates and general photo discussion groups.
  7. ParentShack: This network of family websites and photo albums lets proud parents share journals, images and announcements with relatives and friends.
  8. CrewPixM: Ever want to know what it would be like to work on a movie set? Visit this site to view photos posted from crew members on commercials, music videos and movies.
  9. The Knot: This popular wedding planning community features an online photo sharing option for newlyweds. The wedding party can work with any photographer they choose to set up and organize online albums.
  10. Flickr: Make new friends by making connections through Flickr’s community-based photo sharing website. Users can also organize their various albums, make cards and other items and browse other members’ images.

Travel Adventure junkies will love the photo sharing culture of the following websites, where members upload images and swap stories about all things travel.

  1. Ball of Dirt: This network of travel blogs and online photo albums "lets anyone share their travel photos, stories and experiences on the web for free."
  2. Travel Photo Sharing: This online photo sharing gallery caters to the world traveler. Browse albums from Russia, Taiwan, or Brazil, or create one of your own.
  3. Worldisround: Worldisround is a "global community for sharing photos and exploring the world." Currently boasting more than 650,000 images from around the world, this site also features travel-related articles.
  4. Your Shot Photo Sharing: The "Your Shot" feature on the Travel Channel’s website allows everyday travelers to send in their favorite images from adventures around the world.
  5. Cruise Reviews Photo Sharing: The popular Cruise Reviews website also hosts travel photo albums for travelers to upload their digital images from cruise vacations.
  6. PhotoTraces: Experienced travel photographers can write articles for the blogs on PhotoTraces.com, "an effective promotional tool for photographers publishing articles" and who wish to gain more exposure.
  7. FotoTrekn: FotoTrekn is "where great photo treks begin." Upload your travel pictures, browse public and members only galleries, meet up with other travelers on the forums, or start blogging about your trip on this terrific site.
  8. TravelBlog: TravelBlog members send in photos from their trips all over the globe. Check out the featured photos, which change every 30 minutes, or set up your own album through your travel journal.
  9. Travelpod: Travelpod is another online travelogue that lets travelers post blog entries and share photos with family, friends, and other adventurers.
  10. BootsnAll: This international travelers’ community hosts forums that frequently advertise photography contests, discussions and image sharing.
  11. TravBuddy: This social community made up of enthusiastic travelers lets users share photos, reviews, experiences, blog entries and more.

Members Only Sign up with these photo sharing systems to enter an exclusive online community.

  1. Freewebs: Sign up with Freewebs to share pictures and videos online.
  2. My Photo Tube: Try out this bright, easy-to-use photo sharing site to browse others’ photo albums or create one of your own.
  3. Web-a-photo: Web-a-photo is an easy, free service that helps you view "your photos online." Post pictures from your digital camera or cell phone, view images on your TiVo, or design, print and order personalized gifts.
  4. e-Memories: Share your favorite memories online by creating an online photo album with this easy-to-use system.
  5. Winkflast: This Web-based digital photo center organizes your photos so that you can enjoy "free sharing" and "unlimited storage." Check out their site to order your favorite prints and cards.
  6. myimagebox: This simplistic yet attractive photo sharing system "provides you with all the tools you’ll need to get your photos online today, and create your own online photo album." Myimagebox also comes with a 14-day free trial.
  7. MyOtherDrive.com: MyOtherDrive.com boasts free video, image and file sharing and features a backup disaster recovery system so that you won’t lose your favorite albums.
  8. Sharpcast: The Sharpcast photo sharing system is "pure magic." Edit, upload, view and chat about your photos from any online connection, and the automatic backup system makes sure your images are always safe.
  9. Photovations: Photovations is a free online image hosting system that supports your images for projects like "auctions, bulletin boards, blogs, online stores, personal websites, safe image storage or for any other photo hosting need you might have."

Social Media Sites Facebook, MySpace and other social media sites support photo sharing to connect members.

  1. Facebook: Anyone with an e-mail address can become a member of Facebook, a social networking community that lets users create profiles and upload photos.
  2. MySpace: One of the original social media communities, MySpace is another site where members can personalize their pages with their own images.
  3. Friendster: Post your photos on Friendster, and see if they end up in the Featured Photos or Most Discussed categories.
  4. LiveJournal: According to the website, "you can use LiveJournal in many different ways: as a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum, a social network, and more." Members often post photos to share with friends or create profiles.
  5. Xanga: Members post photos, weblogs, videos and more to connect with friends and make new contacts on Xanga.
  6. Reunion: Searching for friends and family members on Reunion is the ultimate way to get back in touch. Upload photos or look through the galleries already on Reunion to find people from your past.
  7. imeem: This social media site "is an online community where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends."

Software and Downloads Check out these software programs and special downloads to access superior photo management and photo sharing tools.

  1. Magic Gallery: This software program "includes tools to resize photos and create online web albums." Learn how to touch up images, create an album and publish photos online.
  2. Extreme Thumbnail Generator: Download this professional photo gallery for office appropriate images and slideshows.
  3. Web Album Maker: The Web Album Maker "is a web photo album generator that creates online photo slideshow from your digital photos using unique and highly professional Flash or HTML theme templates." Download a free trial or buy the software package by visiting the site.
  4. inAlbum 3.0: Use inAlbum to "help you turn your digital photos and videos into stunning photo albums." Choose from more then 100 templates, features and videos to customize your album.
  5. Web Gallery Wizard: Web Gallery Wizard claims to be the "world’s best online photo album software."
  6. PhotoOnWeb: The PhotoOnWeb software helps users design custom photo albums in which to showcase their digital images online.
  7. EZ Thumbnail Builder: The EZ Thumbnail Builder "supports 20+ popular image formats," making it a popular, effective tool for creating online photo albums.
  8. Concentric: Concentric account holders obtain free domain names for online photo sharing.
  9. Diino: Diino’s Internet desktop comes with a more-than-capable online photo sharing system that can be accessed from any computer via a Diino account.
  10. Shaw Photo Share 2.0: If you use Shaw’s e-mail services, you can create a your own online photo album supported by the same system.
  11. Online Photo Filer: This software program "gives you an online photo album site for sharing photos, as well as easy-to-use editing tools to make sure your photos look their very best." Once you’ve set up the account, visitors to your photo site can click through the galleries without having to log in or sign up.

Miscellaneous From pets to parties, these sites keep photo sharing fun.

  1. Angelfire: Sign up for free to learn how to set up your own Angelfire photo albums that allow you to share and store thousands of images.
  2. Shokase: This Windows-compatible online photo album is just a download away!
  3. Tamron photo sharing: Tamron USA encourages photographers to post and share their favorite pictures taken with Tamron lenses.
  4. Bravenet: Bravenet’s free web tools and web hosting site also sponsors free photo albums, where users can "store view and share" digital photos.
  5. Web Album Generator: Check out this free online photo album generator from ornj.net to create your own unique photo sharing space.
  6. ImageStation: This popular site is closing soon, so if you’re already a member, download, transfer or order images from this Sony-sponsored site.
  7. Tripod: Tripod Tutorials teaches visitors how to make their own Tripod-sponsored online photo album using just a few easy tricks.
  8. Photocast: This brilliant photo hosting and sharing site provides editing and management tools for photographers who want to easily and effectively make the most of their digital images.
  9. BubbleShare: BubbleShare awards its users with unlimited storage space. Play around with the clipart and audio and video captions to jazz up your images.
  10. Dogphoria: Tagged as "the world’s cutest social network," Dogphoria posts adorable and hilarious photos of dogs daily.
  11. PartyPop: Consider enlisting the services of PartyPop to showcase your wedding, anniversary or party photos online.
  12. PBase: PBase Magazine also has an online site for photographers to upload and share pictures from all over the world.
  13. 23: This attractive site lets users easily upload an unlimited number of photos and then e-mail them out to friends and family, who can view your images without having to sign up for their own account.
  14. Slide: Create slideshows and decorate your digital images with clipart, YouTube clips and various skins to share your photos with friends in a clever new way.
  15. ZingFu: Online photo sharing gets a new twist with the zany features on this site. Upload your images, and then tack on funny (or creepy) backgrounds to give pictures a little more edge.
  16. Fotki: Fotki provides free, unlimited photo hosting for blogs, regular photo contests and online photo galleries and albums.


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